Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry once again about the lack of posts this week, Been collecting alot of information and figuring out how to make you all some money. aswell as, Making my goal of 40k gold in 10 day (which i achieved on the 8 days in)

Remeber the golden rule.. Supply and demand, Dont over inflate the market because that generally creates more supply because people will go out and farm to sell, This is the one thing you need to be really carefull with, if your controlling a market make the prices high, but not too high that the world and there mother are going to jump in with both feet and make your prices fall 600% .

Be nice to your Guildies, If you have spare mats and they need something making/gems cut/enchants performed then do it free of cost, In turn you'l notice gearing your toon will be alot cheaper when it comes to a profession they can offer, Alternativly, if you have alot of professions such as I do, Contributing 5% of your spoils to the guild is also nice, Gearing up your raid will help you progress faster :)

Now, Lets look at ways to make money shal we.
Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and tailors are in full swing now and making many greens/blues to level up, however, the gear they are making isnt very usefull at all for the leveling process as you gain gear very quickly, Buying these greens and blues off the AH for a low price (10-35G) and either Disenchanting yourself, or asking a friend to disenchant (for a small tip) and selling the Dust/shards can net you 20-70G per item disenchanted once sold on the auction house.

Herb and ore prices arent going anywhere...

Herbs are used mainly by inscriptionists and alchemists, now, While selling the raw herbs can be a good income of 1500-2000G per hour theres also other possibilities, Make these herbs into high end raiding flasks will net you 20-30% more gold, Scribing into Relics and Darkmoon cards can net you 70-120% more profit over the raw matterials, Alternitivly, Cinderbloom is currently selling at 90G per stack on proudmoore, Buying these out and milling them to create ink can bring in a nice and steady income also, For example :

1 stack of Cinderbloom = 90G > mill

this will create somewhere in the region of 10 and 15 pigments, Create these into Inks, Thats 5-7 inks, Providing one of these is an inferno ink and the rest are blackfallow ink your in for some nice profits,

1 inferno ink = 70-90G
1 Blackfallow ink = 15G

Thats Approx 60G profit for very little work.

Also, Ores, Obsidian ores are WAY over farmed and provide no real profits, However, Prospecting Elementium can give some nice profits, each stack should provide you will 1-2 blues, and 3-4 greens, Sell these raw, or cut them yourself depending on the market.

Another Great way to make money is Fishing, Make sure you Fish every fishing node you see, You'l be thankfull when you see the cash rolling in.

However, Dispite all ive said, Selling raw matterials on the AH right now is most probably the best way to be making money, Prices are changing by the minute, Why wait and make 60G tomorow, when you can sell the same item today for 200G. All im saying is be Safe!

Thats all for now, Ill post again soon :)

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