Thursday, December 23, 2010

Since my last post.

So, Since my last post ive been gathering more Information, Reading other Blogs and testing them on the proudmoore server, This provided me with some nice profits aswell as something to write about.

First of all, im going to link to Mysterious Fortune Card Barking Tips , This one post alone with my own twist made me a nice profit.
Cold talks about the effectiveness Of simply advertising your AH items in trade, This "barking" method has prooven to be a great success, however, my own spin on this was Barking before I posted my cards, usually while I was crafting the cards, the reason I did this was to get people buying, While this would take some of the market away from me, it was Driving the prices up, So instead of selling my cards at 25G, i would have a smaller market to sell to but id sell the cards for a solid 35G a piece, At the cost of selling a little slower than the 25G cards, it was providing me with extra profits.
On a side note, id like to warn everyone, Barking will always bring some trade hate, so its always usefull to have some witty somebacks, even with the trade haters, I was still managing to sell, infact, I was selling faster, no such thing as bad advertisment I guess.
Now what im doing with this is Milling 5k worth of herbs at a time, Buying any herbs i feel like up to 180G, Making mysteriouse fortune cards with the blackfallow inks, This will generally break me even with my initial investment, Then with the Inferno inks ill either make Darkmoon cards or sell them individually on the Ah, inferno inks are 200G each on proudmoore, and for a 5k herb investment I generally get 20-30 inferno ink, well worth it for the darkmoon cards or even selling the inks.

On a new note, Milling elementium ore and selling the gems is slowing down, yet still profitable, not much to say on this due to having posted about it last time.

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  1. Glad to see some of my tips helping someone out. I have since raised my price with the old bait n switch tactic. Got em hooked at 25g per card, now they have to pay 45-50g for one. Still selling out of all I can craft.