Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 days to go...

We all know the risks of buying/selling/investing this close to an Expansion. And its because of this that ive been buying and selling and investing more than ever. Let me Explain.. Due to the No portals in dal situation people are going to be in big city's, be it either Ironforge or stormwind, Now not many people are going to want to travel all the way up to Northrend in the new expansion for herbs/ore/skin other than those leveling there gathering profession, HOWEVER how many people are going to roll a Worgen and level it up? how many professions will there be? see where im going with this? Lets take the Wrath market. Outland herbs/ores/cloths/skins were selling for 110-140% of there wrath equivilants because no one was farming the outlands anymore, so if you want my opinion Buy it out now while the prices are at rock bottom, Icethorn and lichbloom @ 5g a stack? yes please. so, Someone just asked why they would pay more than what the Wrath prices were, Fair point, Look at it this way, More quests to complete means people having more money, they might not be like us gold crazed bloggers and they will spend whatever to max there toons out.. along with everyone doing stuff to make money, more money will circulate in the market.

Now in other news, Ive managed to get Herbalism to Max again and with the herbs, I made glyphs (yay) Which are selling rather well. approx 1.5k sold in glyphs last night, and still pleanty where that came from.

Just wanting to take you back for a second, With all these new Worgens coming up, theres going to be a revival of the old market, What you ask? Offhands. These are easy to make, and you get the pigments on a proc basis off milling your herbs, these offhands are selling already pretty well for 30-150G, Ive made 20 of them so we shal see how this goes over the next few weeks.

So I decided to test out the Enchant Velum market, and somehow people still dont know that you can now buy them from the enchanter vendors, dont think ill complain about the 4G 50S profit though,with next to no time used.....

Also, Gems are still selling :)

Thats all for this Post...

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