Monday, November 29, 2010

Harvest the Feather

Hello and welcome to my New blog.

About me.

Well, My real name is James, I'm 19 and living in Canada, I'm originally from the united kingdom. I've been playing World of Warcraft since Febuary of 2010. I'm not single, I'm gay and proud.

I play on the server Proudmoore (the largest GLBT server in the us <3 vanity) , Recently Xfered from Borean tundra, and if you know anything, then you'l understand why... Borean tundra is statistically the 3rd worst server in the Us in terms of progression, I needed to get off the Server as soon as possible before I fell into the trap of all the baddies on the server.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not the worst player in the world, however, I'm not the best either, I play to raid, Along with enjoying raids, I also enjoy the unpredictability of pvp combat, Its alot more dynamic than pve, there's only really one thing i can usually predict, and thats the alliance will generally loose.

Another thing I enjoy doing outside of raids is making gold, Yes I know, Another gold hungry wow player.. what can I say, it makes me happy :)


Alrighty then, Well, my main is Zmyth, a lovely fat bundle of Feathers, a moonkin to end all moonkins, I love this toon with a passion, probable more than I should, This was the First character I created in world of warcraft. My professions from the start were Inscription and Herbalism, why? well, before I started playing WoW I did my research and found that inscription was a good money maker along with herbalism. However.. When I moved to Proudmoore, I gave up herbalism to try and get into a certain guild, however, they rejected my application one day after I maxed out engineering, No biggie, I now enjoy engineering.

Alts, Alts, Alts...

Hamadryads : Human Shadow priest... Enchanting and Herbalism.

Kontomble : Drenai resto shaman.. Mining and Jewelcrafting

Zdps : Drenai unholy dk ... Alchemy and Skinning

Vangorez : Dwarf holy pally ... Skinning (not selected a secondary profession as of the moment)

Why I'm writing this blog.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write this blog is to document my progress through cataclysm, While doing this I will be posting hints and tips to certain aspects, such as leveling, money making, aswell as Addon help, Who knows what else will happen while writing this blog over the course of cataclysm. Personal progression will also be included, what I do day to day to better myself for the raiding enviroment.

Well I think thats all for today, however, I will leave you with this pretty picture to end the day :)

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  1. Heh druid all the way mate.I created my druid when The Shattering came out and have loved it. Twenty levels the first day, fifteen the second and she's still going strong. Been leveling feral so far but once I hit end game I think going feathery might be an option.
    Thought you'd been playing longer then that. Better come visit us soon in the UK, more importantly don't forget us in Wales.
    AFD xx