Monday, November 29, 2010

Engineering Vs Herbalism for cata.

So, Its been about 2 hours.. and here I am posting again.

I was thinking, With the "nerfs" given to engineering in the last patch there really isnt much use in me keeping it, dont get me wrong, I'm not about min/maxing, However.. Keeping engineering will only give me 27 spell power over Herbalism, i still get the haste buff that engineers have through herbalism, Im a druid so I have sprints so no real need for the boots, wait, the magical belt enchant that makes your feet move faster (WTF)... Sure from 81-85 ill get to use cog sockets, but again, its not worth it for 5 levels.. Herbalism will provide me with the Haste boost of agility, aswell as a fruitfull bounty of gold while Questing or doing dailies AND provide Exp while leveling..

Pro's Of engineering.
-27 spellpower
-Fun profesion
-Speed boost.

Cons of engineering.
-Money sink
-Not really a raiding profession
-PvP skill

Pro's of Herbalism.
-Money making skill
-Haste for 20 seconds
-Exp for gathering
-Minor heal
-Cheap/Free to level

Cons for herbalism.
-Not the funest of professions
-Some Guilds dont class it as a Min/Max profession.

Now im not sure about you, But herbalism seems the way to go...

with this I'd like to Outline a Great addon to help you with your gathering.


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