Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, Thanks to todays post on MMO-Champion concerning our beloved fortune cards my sales are back up :) The market had crashed to 15-22G, Now selling back at 35-40G HOWEVER, herbs are now 70G cheaper per stack, so thats a far bigger profit margin, So, Get out there and get crafting you money hungry fiends!

Milling Macro: This macro is essential.
/cast milling
/use Azshara's Veil
/use Whiptail
/use Stormvine
/use Twilight Jasmine
/use Heartblossom
/use Cinderbloom

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Since my last post.

So, Since my last post ive been gathering more Information, Reading other Blogs and testing them on the proudmoore server, This provided me with some nice profits aswell as something to write about.

First of all, im going to link to Mysterious Fortune Card Barking Tips , This one post alone with my own twist made me a nice profit.
Cold talks about the effectiveness Of simply advertising your AH items in trade, This "barking" method has prooven to be a great success, however, my own spin on this was Barking before I posted my cards, usually while I was crafting the cards, the reason I did this was to get people buying, While this would take some of the market away from me, it was Driving the prices up, So instead of selling my cards at 25G, i would have a smaller market to sell to but id sell the cards for a solid 35G a piece, At the cost of selling a little slower than the 25G cards, it was providing me with extra profits.
On a side note, id like to warn everyone, Barking will always bring some trade hate, so its always usefull to have some witty somebacks, even with the trade haters, I was still managing to sell, infact, I was selling faster, no such thing as bad advertisment I guess.
Now what im doing with this is Milling 5k worth of herbs at a time, Buying any herbs i feel like up to 180G, Making mysteriouse fortune cards with the blackfallow inks, This will generally break me even with my initial investment, Then with the Inferno inks ill either make Darkmoon cards or sell them individually on the Ah, inferno inks are 200G each on proudmoore, and for a 5k herb investment I generally get 20-30 inferno ink, well worth it for the darkmoon cards or even selling the inks.

On a new note, Milling elementium ore and selling the gems is slowing down, yet still profitable, not much to say on this due to having posted about it last time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sorry once again about the lack of posts this week, Been collecting alot of information and figuring out how to make you all some money. aswell as, Making my goal of 40k gold in 10 day (which i achieved on the 8 days in)

Remeber the golden rule.. Supply and demand, Dont over inflate the market because that generally creates more supply because people will go out and farm to sell, This is the one thing you need to be really carefull with, if your controlling a market make the prices high, but not too high that the world and there mother are going to jump in with both feet and make your prices fall 600% .

Be nice to your Guildies, If you have spare mats and they need something making/gems cut/enchants performed then do it free of cost, In turn you'l notice gearing your toon will be alot cheaper when it comes to a profession they can offer, Alternativly, if you have alot of professions such as I do, Contributing 5% of your spoils to the guild is also nice, Gearing up your raid will help you progress faster :)

Now, Lets look at ways to make money shal we.
Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and tailors are in full swing now and making many greens/blues to level up, however, the gear they are making isnt very usefull at all for the leveling process as you gain gear very quickly, Buying these greens and blues off the AH for a low price (10-35G) and either Disenchanting yourself, or asking a friend to disenchant (for a small tip) and selling the Dust/shards can net you 20-70G per item disenchanted once sold on the auction house.

Herb and ore prices arent going anywhere...

Herbs are used mainly by inscriptionists and alchemists, now, While selling the raw herbs can be a good income of 1500-2000G per hour theres also other possibilities, Make these herbs into high end raiding flasks will net you 20-30% more gold, Scribing into Relics and Darkmoon cards can net you 70-120% more profit over the raw matterials, Alternitivly, Cinderbloom is currently selling at 90G per stack on proudmoore, Buying these out and milling them to create ink can bring in a nice and steady income also, For example :

1 stack of Cinderbloom = 90G > mill

this will create somewhere in the region of 10 and 15 pigments, Create these into Inks, Thats 5-7 inks, Providing one of these is an inferno ink and the rest are blackfallow ink your in for some nice profits,

1 inferno ink = 70-90G
1 Blackfallow ink = 15G

Thats Approx 60G profit for very little work.

Also, Ores, Obsidian ores are WAY over farmed and provide no real profits, However, Prospecting Elementium can give some nice profits, each stack should provide you will 1-2 blues, and 3-4 greens, Sell these raw, or cut them yourself depending on the market.

Another Great way to make money is Fishing, Make sure you Fish every fishing node you see, You'l be thankfull when you see the cash rolling in.

However, Dispite all ive said, Selling raw matterials on the AH right now is most probably the best way to be making money, Prices are changing by the minute, Why wait and make 60G tomorow, when you can sell the same item today for 200G. All im saying is be Safe!

Thats all for now, Ill post again soon :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome to cataclysm.

Well, I hope everyone is having fun so far in cataclysm, Sorry about the lack of posts over the past few days, Griding out that lest level was a Paaain in the ass.

So im going to keep this post relitively short"ish" but post some pics :)

I was Pleased to be within the first 5 players to be maxed inscription :)

then came Cooking, Very valuble professions.

After all this I decided to have some fun and look at getting some money. Mysterious forune cards, there a pretty fun gamble, which brings me to the 0.0001% luck I had :)

And last but not least, i caught up with marrowgar, He was Happy that the lichking was killed and is now enjoying  a nice holiday, he sends his thanks.

Thats all for today, More coming soon ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My plans..

So, Again, Too many posts.

Ive decided in cataclysm to be a good boy, Leveling my Character to 85 as fast as I can, HOWEVER... I will be picking every herb I see on the way, I will be fishing Every fishing node I see (because fish DO leave footprints).

After I hit level 85 I will most likely be found maxing out Inscription, Fishing, Herby, Cooking and Archeology.

Im Estimating about 40K gold income in the first 10 days of cataclysm using my professions wisely.

4 days to go...

We all know the risks of buying/selling/investing this close to an Expansion. And its because of this that ive been buying and selling and investing more than ever. Let me Explain.. Due to the No portals in dal situation people are going to be in big city's, be it either Ironforge or stormwind, Now not many people are going to want to travel all the way up to Northrend in the new expansion for herbs/ore/skin other than those leveling there gathering profession, HOWEVER how many people are going to roll a Worgen and level it up? how many professions will there be? see where im going with this? Lets take the Wrath market. Outland herbs/ores/cloths/skins were selling for 110-140% of there wrath equivilants because no one was farming the outlands anymore, so if you want my opinion Buy it out now while the prices are at rock bottom, Icethorn and lichbloom @ 5g a stack? yes please. so, Someone just asked why they would pay more than what the Wrath prices were, Fair point, Look at it this way, More quests to complete means people having more money, they might not be like us gold crazed bloggers and they will spend whatever to max there toons out.. along with everyone doing stuff to make money, more money will circulate in the market.

Now in other news, Ive managed to get Herbalism to Max again and with the herbs, I made glyphs (yay) Which are selling rather well. approx 1.5k sold in glyphs last night, and still pleanty where that came from.

Just wanting to take you back for a second, With all these new Worgens coming up, theres going to be a revival of the old market, What you ask? Offhands. These are easy to make, and you get the pigments on a proc basis off milling your herbs, these offhands are selling already pretty well for 30-150G, Ive made 20 of them so we shal see how this goes over the next few weeks.

So I decided to test out the Enchant Velum market, and somehow people still dont know that you can now buy them from the enchanter vendors, dont think ill complain about the 4G 50S profit though,with next to no time used.....

Also, Gems are still selling :)

Thats all for this Post...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

After How long of farming Icc every week, I finally finished all the achievments for my Icebound frostbrood Vanquisher!!! If you can't tell already, I'm a little happy about this :)

I couldn't have done it without the help of the guild Dark! big thanks to all, and Congrats to everyone who got there pretty flyer!
Also Thank you Kes for letting me heal <3

Monday, November 29, 2010

Engineering Vs Herbalism for cata.

So, Its been about 2 hours.. and here I am posting again.

I was thinking, With the "nerfs" given to engineering in the last patch there really isnt much use in me keeping it, dont get me wrong, I'm not about min/maxing, However.. Keeping engineering will only give me 27 spell power over Herbalism, i still get the haste buff that engineers have through herbalism, Im a druid so I have sprints so no real need for the boots, wait, the magical belt enchant that makes your feet move faster (WTF)... Sure from 81-85 ill get to use cog sockets, but again, its not worth it for 5 levels.. Herbalism will provide me with the Haste boost of agility, aswell as a fruitfull bounty of gold while Questing or doing dailies AND provide Exp while leveling..

Pro's Of engineering.
-27 spellpower
-Fun profesion
-Speed boost.

Cons of engineering.
-Money sink
-Not really a raiding profession
-PvP skill

Pro's of Herbalism.
-Money making skill
-Haste for 20 seconds
-Exp for gathering
-Minor heal
-Cheap/Free to level

Cons for herbalism.
-Not the funest of professions
-Some Guilds dont class it as a Min/Max profession.

Now im not sure about you, But herbalism seems the way to go...

with this I'd like to Outline a Great addon to help you with your gathering.


Harvest the Feather

Hello and welcome to my New blog.

About me.

Well, My real name is James, I'm 19 and living in Canada, I'm originally from the united kingdom. I've been playing World of Warcraft since Febuary of 2010. I'm not single, I'm gay and proud.

I play on the server Proudmoore (the largest GLBT server in the us <3 vanity) , Recently Xfered from Borean tundra, and if you know anything, then you'l understand why... Borean tundra is statistically the 3rd worst server in the Us in terms of progression, I needed to get off the Server as soon as possible before I fell into the trap of all the baddies on the server.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not the worst player in the world, however, I'm not the best either, I play to raid, Along with enjoying raids, I also enjoy the unpredictability of pvp combat, Its alot more dynamic than pve, there's only really one thing i can usually predict, and thats the alliance will generally loose.

Another thing I enjoy doing outside of raids is making gold, Yes I know, Another gold hungry wow player.. what can I say, it makes me happy :)


Alrighty then, Well, my main is Zmyth, a lovely fat bundle of Feathers, a moonkin to end all moonkins, I love this toon with a passion, probable more than I should, This was the First character I created in world of warcraft. My professions from the start were Inscription and Herbalism, why? well, before I started playing WoW I did my research and found that inscription was a good money maker along with herbalism. However.. When I moved to Proudmoore, I gave up herbalism to try and get into a certain guild, however, they rejected my application one day after I maxed out engineering, No biggie, I now enjoy engineering.

Alts, Alts, Alts...

Hamadryads : Human Shadow priest... Enchanting and Herbalism.

Kontomble : Drenai resto shaman.. Mining and Jewelcrafting

Zdps : Drenai unholy dk ... Alchemy and Skinning

Vangorez : Dwarf holy pally ... Skinning (not selected a secondary profession as of the moment)

Why I'm writing this blog.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write this blog is to document my progress through cataclysm, While doing this I will be posting hints and tips to certain aspects, such as leveling, money making, aswell as Addon help, Who knows what else will happen while writing this blog over the course of cataclysm. Personal progression will also be included, what I do day to day to better myself for the raiding enviroment.

Well I think thats all for today, however, I will leave you with this pretty picture to end the day :)